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Florida Juice...Are you drinking enough?

Upon hearing the news that drinking more Florida Orange juice could help reduce the risk for some cancers...a Mr. Ron Henderson drained his outdoor pool and filled it with Florida Orange juice. While it is true that the American Cancer Society says that Orange juice, as part of a low fat, high fiber diet rich in fruits and vegetables, could help protect you from some forms of cancer, we believe that Mr. Henderson's actions seem a bit extreme. Instead, simply drink your 100% pure florida orange juice from a larger glass. Are you drinking enough?

Take your computer on a trip to Computers and juice. That's like comparing apples and oranges. is more than a web sight about orange juice. It's where you can win an Apple Macbook Pro. (Get it comparing apples to orange) florida It doesn't matter how you get there...just get there and enter the Apple computer, florida orange juice sweepstakes today. Apples and Oranges, win one and drink the other. Are you drinking enough?

Stories from the Deep End

Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More

It was a simple picture of a young couple huddled together wrapped in a blanket standing in a sea of people.

Woodstock Album cover The Photo on the cover of the 1970 Woodstock Soundtrack album, Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack, represented the love, care and protection of not only the event but a generation. In a 2009 interview for the New York Daily news, the featured couple said they remembered nothing about the photo taken by Burk Uzzle. Nick and Bobbi Urkaline were from the area and knew the backroads around the Woodstock festival. They had driven their 1965 chevy station wagon within five miles and hiked the rest of the way on foot. Their memories of the event were mostly of the rain, the lack of toilets and the body odor. Afterwards, while at a friends house listening to the soundtrack album, Nick noticed the picture on the cover…and said “hey, that’s our blanket”…paused and then said…”Hey, that’s us!”
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Washington State GET Savings Plan

:60 radio commercial

We’re here with doctor Jennifer T Hanson, pediatrician. (baby Talk) I should mention that right now, today, Doctor Hanson is only 11 months old and not yet a doctor. (baby Talk) But she will be. (baby Talk) In just 17 years, Little Jennifer here will start her undergraduate program at…what college are you planning to attend, Jennifer? (baby Talk) Oh really, nice school, but in 17 years won’t that be expensive? (baby Talk) Right the Washington state GET program. You see, Jennifer’s parents and grandparents have enrolled in the state’s guaranteed tax-free college saving’s plan…called GET. Money in a GET saving’s account can be used in the future to pay for tuition to any public or private college, university or vocational school. You pay today’s price for tomorrow’s education. (baby Talk) Oh exactly, what Jennifer is telling you is that you need to sign up today…because after May 31st the price of a GET unit will go up, as it does every year. Parents who enroll in the GET program now will save thousands of dollars on the cost of tuition in the future. (baby Talk) Yes, like Jennifer says…The important part is to start saving now when your child is young. Enroll today at…thats, uh doctor don’t throw the microphone. (baby Talk) I got it, enroll in the Washington state GET savings plan…and buy tomorrow’s college tuition today. (baby Talk) no don’t throw the microphone again, (bonk/feedback) oh I hate this game.

Woodstock Media Group/On-Hold Concepts

One-Page Sales sheet

Woodstock Media group - Social Media

winter yoda

KFWB Radio Los Angeles News/Traffic

radio imaging copy

Everyone deals with southern California traffic differently…some people scream…some people honk their horn…some crawl onto floor and curl up into a fetal position… and some people listen to KFWB’s drive time traffic on the ones you can find out how long it will take to drive to work, home or anywhere else you go. Oh and by the way, you’ll never get to work in the fetal position. Drive time traffic on the ones..traffic as you leave for work…as you head home on KFWB news 9-80

We live in a world of instant gratification. We can get anything we want anytime. ship it overnight, Buy it now pay later, go anywhere in the world within a day. And when something happens we want to know about it now…not at 11 o’clock not in thirty minutes, we want to know now. At KFWB we tell you the story as it happens and if it changes we tell you right away. The top stories every few minutes and more on the big story of the day is always a couple minutes away…every hour, every day. KFWB news 9-80

In a hurry to get home after work? Aren’t we all…and that’s the problem… Traffic on the ones every hour, every day on KFWB news 9-80.

Traffic before you go to the game. Traffic after you leave the game. Traffic on the ones every hour, every day on KFWB news 9-80.

Lets think about this…stuck in traffic … not stuck in traffic…hmmm. Traffic on the ones every hour, every day on KFWB news 9-80.

There are places in the world with worse traffic…ok, not really. Traffic on the ones every hour, every day on KFWB news 9-80.

B98 Kalispell $1000 VIDEO SCRIPT A :30

(TV Market: Missoula Montana)

This is one thousand dollars… (P Floyd Money) shot of a $1000 bill
With it…you could (cash register) transition
Build a wall, Buy a boat and fill it with pizzas or party like its 1999! (faster music/lifes been good to me) animation
WIN ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS NOW (explosion)(format music) Big Letters burn transition into
Just listen to B98 point five, (format mx continues) Album covers
win one thousand dollars now, and spend it anyway you want!   Dollars falling from sky
WIN ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS NOW (ends with scratch) Big Letters
Normal people would be turning on the radio right now Silence Shot of turning on radio
win one thousand dollars on B98 point five (explosion) Logo animation
the flatheads best ROCK   Fade to black