Worth every penny

I make amazing radio and tv commercials and promos that people love to hear. Listeners will actually call the radio station and request to hear it again and again. I write, voice, and produce radio and video for the internet. I make tv commercials for radio stations and short video stories for businesses and radio clients. I can also turn radio commercials into videos. I take your radio commercial - made by me or someone else - and turn it into a video that can be run on websites, youtube, social media, or use it as a tv commercial.

I know what you're thinking: How much does it cost? How long does it take? What if I don't like it?
The answer is: What do you want to spend? When do you need it? and you won't like'll love it.
If, for some crazy reason you don't like it, then, by all means, don't pay for it.

I can work on single projects, full ad or promotional campaigns or you can put me on retainer. If you've got more questions, send them to me in an email and let's get started on a project today.